Plz briefly explain the Gandhara school of Art and how it was influenced by the greek and Roman arts?

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During the greek invasion and period of Kushana, many artists from West Asia moved towards the North west India. They were deeply influenced by the Greek and Roman art. Hence, Gandhara school of art is blend of Greek, Roman and Indian style of arts. Its evidences have been found in the Taxila and Afghanistan. 

It is also known as Indo-Greek art. In Gandhara school of art, Budha has been shown as Roman and Greek gods. There are mustache and beard in the face of Budha. It also has paid special attention towards the ratio of body and face.

Minimum ornaments has been used and draperies have fold lines. Halo has been shown in simple manner and there is no decoration around the halo and Budha hairs are wavy. Further Budha has been depicted as the hungary and sad Budha. 

Blue grey schist stone was used to make the idols. In later period, mud pilaster and stucco was used to make the idols. 

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